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Massage Cupping

What is Massage Cupping? Massage Cupping is an adaption of ancient technique and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Glass or plastic cups along with vacuum pump create a negative pressure on the skin's surface. Cups are then moved using various techniques while gently pulling up. Bony land marks such as spine and scapula which are often avoided (due to compression because typical massage would cause pain), can be worked on. The cups can also be parked or left on a particular area for short duration to facilitate joint mobilization or soft tissue release. Suction reaches deep into soft tissue, attachments and organs. Toxins, inflammation, blood and lymph are then pulled to the skins surface. Health and healing are promoted by loosening soft and connective tissue, therefore an visible improvements are seen in scars and adhesions. The outcome is increased circulation, lymph flow and the sensation is truly indescribable. What is the discoloration that occurs with some of the treatments? There is a marked difference between traditional Chinese cupping therapy and Massage Cupping bodywork. The marks that are commonly left from Massage Cupping treatments are the desired result. Massage Cupping therapy very rarely produces this discoloration, called a "cup kiss" or "doo-hickey." If this appears during the treatment, it's just an added bonus indicating the release of intense stagnation (body fluids and toxins) in the area. It is also unlikely that it will re-occur in the same area. Conditions that respond well to massage cupping are: Anxiety Arthritis Asthma Bursitis Cellulite Diabetes Fibromyalgia HBP Insomnia Lung Inflammation & Congestion Menopause Migraine & Tension Headaches Muscular Aches Neuralgia Poorly Nourished Skin & Muscle Tissue

Raindrop Therapy

What is Raindrop Therapy? Here at Deborah Hammons Massage and Body Essentials we take pride in using the purest, organic, medicinal and therapeutic grade essentials oils. Raindrop Therapy Technique involves applying therapeutic grade essential oils to the spine, neck and feet. The session lasts about an hour however the benefits may last up to a week or more. Young Living Essential Oils are derived from different sections of various plant life, including the petals of a flower, the rind of a fruit, or leaves, twigs, and bark from trees and wood. The process of extracting these oils takes a considerable amount of time, knowledge, and the right type of equipment, including a large quantity of plants, which can be rather expensive. The numerous health benefits of Young Living Essential Oils have been widely touted by many cultures who have used essential oils for a variety of reasons, promoting healing of both the mind and the body. Each oil features its own distinct qualities, aromas, and fragrances, and most are used in conjunction with others to create a specific result, such as soothing anxiety and stress, easing nausea, relieving headaches, muscle pain, muscle spasms and much more.